Educational Standards of Excellence

Enriched Setting and Environment

  • Provides a warm, nurturing environment where students feel comfortable being with other creative and/or bright students like themselves.
  • Offers small groups where children can collaborate and work together.
  • Assumes that teachers can learn to facilitate active learning while maintaining structure and organization.
  • Introduces an interdisciplinary and differentiated program that naturally integrates history, visual arts, science, and technology.
  • Supplies students with state-of-the-art materials and manipulatives from computers, hands-on science equipment, art supplies, primary source documents, to a wide selection of diverse literature.

Challenging and Creative Curriculum

  • Acknowledges that students learn in different ways.
  • Encourages the teacher to apply open-ended questioning techniques with more than one answer to a given problem.
  • Generates a participatory exchange where concept, process, and product are balanced, based on a highly structured scope and sequence.
  • Guides students through a series of thematic instruction exercises, through direct hands-on experiences.
  • Recognizes that students’ active participation in discovering content creates enthusiasm. This, in turn, can motivate students to master content.
  • Respects the active learning method because it helps teachers identify each student’s specific strengths. Once recognized, the teacher can help the student build upon them.

Students as Leaders: Enhancing Communication and Speaking Skills

  • Promotes an environment where students feel comfortable voicing their opinion and embarking on conversations with their peers and teacher.
  • Invites risk-taking behavior through an accepting atmosphere where the powers of thought are respected and critiqued.
  • Uses many forms of communication to generate creative thinking, problem posing, and problem solving so that students’ cognitive strengths of higher-level thinking are tapped.
  • Presupposes that mastery of content enhances the self and develops self-esteem.
  • Maintains that student strengths are a classroom resource, where success breeds success.