The Kaleidoscope Program, New Rochelle School District

Kaleidoscope is a program providing unique cultural activities, which is put forth by the New Rochelle Public School System. It offers two programs for gifted and talented youth: One option is a half-day, pull-out program offered at each elementary school for grades 4-5, focusing primarily on language arts and math. The other option is a full-day program for 4th and 5th graders, encompassing all core subjects. Children who meet the admissions criteria apply throughout the city and are selected from a lottery. The full-day program is located at Webster Avenue School, which is centrally located in the district. For more information, please go to: Daniel Webster Elementary School

The PEARLS Hawthorne School, Yonkers School District

The Yonkers Public School System offers a full-day, self-contained school for gifted and talented children at the elementary and middle levels. The PEARLS Hawthorne School currently offers education for students from prekindergarten to grade 8. This program is designed to meet the special needs of talented students by providing an enriched core curriculum, with an emphasis on creative thinking and academic abilities. The focus is on varying talents, interests and aptitudes, and is an interdisciplinary program of study through a thematic approach to learning. For more information, please go to: PEARLS Hawthorne School

Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth: CTY Online

Since 1979, the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY) has served the needs of academically gifted students in the United States and worldwide, providing challenging programs matched to their abilities. For more information, please go to: Center for Talented Youth