Welcome to Synergy Westchester & The Synergy Challenge: An Advocacy for Gifted & Talented Education

Synergy's aim is to inspire creativity in today's youth and to encourage art, music, and the spoken arts where students have a voice in their own learning. By integrating active learning and the arts into the fabric of all content areas, children will develop confidence and self-assurance. This is crucial during their formative years where innovation and critical thinking are essential, preparing them to excel as contributing adults.

We provide services and information about lectures, webinars, full day schools that offer enrichment, after school programs, and businesses that service gifted and talented children through our website and Facebook page. Join our blog to get the most recent posts. Our objective is to motivate and engage gifted children who have the potential to become passionate, productive adults.

Want to learn about our program called The Synergy Challenge on our website? Each season, we offer a new, national challenge where children can design, create, invent or perform something. Please join the fun now!

Want to know more about Synergy? Start here or call Dr. Andi Stix at 914-636-0888.